A Salute to #InternationalCoffeeDay

“Well played, Captain. If I’m not about to be shot for your amusement, do you have orders for me?” Oliver asked.
Jensen looked at him with interest. “A new pet?”
“My cabin boy,” St. Armand purred. “What else he is remains to be seen. But that will have to wait. Do you have information?”
Jensen sobered. “I do, but I don’t know if you want to take this one on, Matt. There’s risk.”
“Merciful heavens, a day without risk is like a day without coffee. And speaking of that, if you have some to trade I could make room in my hold.”
As they turned to go below St. Armand looked over his shoulder.
“Your orders, Woodruff, are to assist Green with anything he needs.”
Simple enough, and the crews of the two ships appeared to be on good terms. It looked unlikely that he would use his axe today. He could see the benefit of it on a vessel where it could hack through rope, wood, or men, though he shuddered at the last thought. Killing sailors because they stood between the crew of the Prodigal Son and coffee was not the excitement he wanted.

--What the Parrot Saw (High Seas #4)

Who amongst us has not considered homicide before our morning cup of coffee? It is the beverage that inspired a Bach cantata, the amazing brew that allows us to function when we're short on rest, and just a delightful all around stimulant. Here's a salute to #InternationalCoffeeDay because all over the world people appreciate a good cuppa joe.


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