Thursday, March 23, 2006

"A bath, Captain. The soaps I make are marvelous for the bath," she said. "A good soak with a fine soap is one of life's pleasures."--Captain Sinister's Lady, copyright 2006

Those of you who've read Captain Sinister's Lady (the rest of you, get crackin') know the value of a good, long soak with a fresh bar of soap. I indulged myself this evening since the DH (dear husband) was out of the house, and we have an empty nest and an oversized tub. Woo woo! No two-year-olds banging on the bathroom door!

There's nothing like getting into the tub with a ginger-mint sugar scrub for the limbs, an almond-oatmeal scrub for the face, a nice exfoliating shea butter rub for the feet, and some good romance novels and a serving of single malt for the soul. Add some scented candles, soft music, bubble bath, and you've got heaven on earth.

OK, so it would have been even better if the DH had been there, but I did have a rubber ducky. And a cunningly shaped dolphin bath toy that's better left to your imagination.

Now I'm all buffed and polished, the DH is back, the dog is settling down for the night, and I'm getting ready to blow out the candles and call it a day.

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