Monday, March 20, 2006

I spent part of Sunday afternoon hanging out at the Novelspotters group on Yahoo, chatting with Amber Quill authors and readers about our current and upcoming releases. It was fun doing a chat with posted entries rather than live chat, a reflection of our ability to see messages almost as soon as they're posted.

Last night I attended a concert by the Black Watch and Welsh Guards, a rousing evening of pipes, drums, brass and patriotism--from both sides of the pond. I saw many of the Brit expats in our community in attendance, some dressed in their own kilts and gear. And speaking of kilts, the soldiers included their own dancers doing Highland flings, and I know at least one of those hunky young men was not going commando under the wool. Not that I was watching closely or anything.

And don't forget the contest going on right now at Your Virtual Book Bag! Check out the author websites, answer a few simple questions, and become eligible to win stuff!

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