Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Smuggler's Bride places in the Lories Contest!

Smuggler's Bride, my newly re-released historical, placed third in the single title category in the 2006 From the Heart Romance Writers Lories Best Published Contest.

In Smuggler's Bride, Julia Cooper has a secret that could cost her her life. She's really Lady Julia Anne Sanders Delerue, and she's investigating who's using Delerue-Sanders Shipping to smuggle contraband into frontier Florida. But when her disguise as a cleaning woman at her uncle's tavern gets her kidnapped and taken deep into the pine woods, she has to think fast to stay alive--while asking herself, who would kidnap a cleaning woman?

Rand Washburn has a secret that could cost Julia Cooper her life. When two pea-brains dump an Englishwoman at his farm while he's recovering from yellow fever, he has to figure out how to get rid of her before she finds out he's sitting on top of the biggest smuggling operation ever seen in Territorial Florida.

Julia's following in the footsteps of her parents, who put an end to the career of a notorious brigand in Pirate's Price. If she ever wants to make it home to England in one piece, she's going to have to think fast to keep Washburn and his cronies from burying her deep in the back woods, even if it means marrying that handsome scoundrel at gunpoint. Can Rand convince Julia that she's destined to be the smuggler's bride, or is he going to have to make sure she's not able to tell anyone--ever--about what he's up to along the Florida coast?

While I like all of my books, she said modestly, Smuggler's Bride is a particular favorite because I got to use so much Cracker lore and history in writing it. Half the fun was going to places like Dudley Farm, the Florida Folk Festival and the Cracker Museum to do research.

It's gratifying to see that others enjoyed it as well.

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