Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There's a review of Samt Und Sabel over at Amazon.de. I ran it through Babelfish and got an idea of what it says, which was fun.

But even I know that four out of five stars is a universal language in reviews.[g] If you read German, check it out.


Anke said...

Dear Darlene,

Sorry, but my English is not so very well:
I (Anke) and Nicole we are Happy-End-Buecher.de and Nicole wrote the review. She was enthralled about the book. When our next monthly update is online (end of August 07) you find the review also on our homepage. But sorry, everything is written in German.

And have a look on Happy-End-Buecher.de the book has got 4,5 Points and that ist really great!

Best wishes Anke

Darlene said...

Thanks, Anke! Finding Nicole's review today was very exciting. I shared it with Barbara Schnell, who is an outstanding translator. I'm fortunate to have her working on my novels.

Anonymous said...

I got Pirat. Maybe. Cognate, y/n?

And ;-).

Can't forget ;-) =)

Darlene said...

>>I got Pirat. Maybe. Cognate, y/n?<<

Damned if I know.[g] Speaking German is not in my repertoire, and I have to run everything through Babelfish. That only gives me an idea of what's being said, but it helps.

Thank goodness I have a great translator!