Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Getting Lost in a Good Book

I paused yesterday in my writing to check some notes, and pulled one of my research books off the shelf. It was Aristocracy and People--Britain, 1815-1865. When I looked up from my desk, two hours had gone by.

You can say what you like about the ease of research via Google and Wikipedia (and I do appreciate having those services at my fingertips), but there's nothing like a good book to get in-depth information for research. Sometimes it's information I don't even realize I needed, or can use, until I'm three or four pages beyond the facts I was checking.

I love my job. I get to combine my enjoyment of history with playing with my imaginary friends, like my new buddies, pirate captain Robert St. Armand and governess Lydia Burke:


            “I am so tired,” she said, looking down at her worn shoes. “Just kill me, or ravish me, or throw me out the window onto the street. I don’t care anymore.”
            He put his hand beneath her chin and tilted it up, studying her face in the moonlight, and then he sighed, releasing her.
            “Sit. Do not move until I return, otherwise I will do at least one of those things to you.” He paused as he turned for the door. “Maybe two.”

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