Thursday, March 14, 2013

So, what's new with you?

I spoke last week to the Writers Alliance of Gainesville on the allure of the romance genre, for readers and for writers. It was great talking to fellow writers, most of whom admitted being largely unfamiliar with the modern romance novel. I also brought books to sell, reminding folks that Mother's Day is coming and mom would love a nice, signed romance novel with a guaranteed happy ending. You can see me in the photo, pushing books and (chocolate) booty after my talk. Oh, and the pins on my collar are for my Beacon award and my Golden Quill finalist spot. I never know where to wear these things, but this seemed like an appropriate opportunity.

Other than that, the week's been filled with some writing, and some spring cleaning, the latter a necessary evil. It's pollen season and everything is covered with a film of yellow dust, courtesy of all the pine trees around here. I'm hopeful that by next week we'll be past the worst of it and I can use my back porch again.

I always try to use a "carrot-and-stick-approach" to cleaning. I promise myself that for every hour I clean I'll put my feet up and read for an hour. Sure, sometimes it ends up with two hours of reading for every one hour of cleaning, but I'd rather my obit reads "She read a lot of really good books" than "She kept a really clean house."

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