Monday, August 03, 2015

National Watermelon Day

“Whew! This young’un’s givin’ me what-for today,” a pregnant matron complained as she straightened and rubbed the base of her back. “I’m glad it’s coolin’ off some, because I’ve had ’bout as much of summer I can handle, carryin’ this one around.”
“I ate so much watermelon when I was carryin’ my Jeremiah, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had popped out spittin’ seeds,” said one lady with a grin. “That was the only good thing about bearin’ a July baby—gettin’ as much melon as I wanted. That summer I must have eaten a wagonful."

I was blessed with an August baby a few decades back, and all that summer I craved watermelon. The sweet fruit was hydrating and full of fiber, along with plenty of vitamins. It was one pregnancy craving I didn't worry about indulging. Fortunately for me, it's a Florida crop and North Central Florida is bursting with watermelon of all varieties this time of year--heirloom, seedless, yellow-fleshed, large and small.

Today's #NationalWatermelonDay, so it's an excellent time to enjoy some of our summer fruit. I'm already looking forward to the Union Street Farmers Market this Wednesday to get some for myself, and indulge in one of my favorite sweets.

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