Friday, March 09, 2007


I got to the Surfside Inn at Virginia Beach in time to dump the stuff from my small roller bag, transfer my books and gear to it, and get on the bus for the book signing at the Barnes and Noble.

That went well. We were there with Sherrilyn Kenyon, best-selling romance author, and she packed the house. We all benefited from the overflow of fans milling around. I signed and sold books, including ones to a couple of booksellers which is one of the best ways to get your work out and about.

The hotel is...affordable. But it faces the ocean, and while I am a Floridian and get to see this view a lot, I never tire of sunrise over the Atlantic. There wasn't a coffee set up in the room (in their defense, they offer 24 hr coffee in the lobby), but I like to take off my clothes at the end of the day and make a nice cup of tea. We all have our kinks. There is a microwave, but the only cups are the flimsy plastic wrapped "We charge for rooms by the hour" variety. This morning when I went to breakfast I noticed they had ceramic mugs. I threw myself on the mercy of the restaurant manager who was reluctant, but finally parted with a mug. Now I can have my cuppa tea.

I never thought I'd have to travel with my own mug, but you live and learn. And I promised to return the mug on Sunday when I check out.

More on the convention as it develops...

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