Thursday, March 29, 2007


Haven't gotten a lot of writing done this week 'cause I've been in the midst of spring cleaning. Thank goodness spring only comes once a year and after a week or so I'm over this madness!

I did stop by Goerings Books, my favorite independent bookstore, to pick up a copy of Six Frigates--The Epic History of the Founding of the U.S. Navy by Ian W.Toll that they'd been holding for me. I'd read a review of the book in the NYT, got it from the library, and liked it so much I knew it would be a valuable addition to my home research library.

I've also been reading Julian Stockwin's "Kydd" novels, about a RN seaman during the Napoleonic wars. I'm enjoying it very much, and part of what I like best about it is the view from the bottom of the ship--the war through the eyes of an able seaman, not a Hornblower or Aubrey.

And since Pinner's shoes was right next to Goerings I had to stop in to say "hi" to the guys, and it wasn't their fault that I left with an absolutely adorable pair of red patent leather open toe flats.

Just another case of spring fever.

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