Thursday, August 09, 2018

Happy #BookLoversDay!

He returned with his copy of Captain Johnson and arranged himself on her bed while Lydia took the chair. She didn’t want to admit it to the two pirates, but she also was
captivated by the tales of long ago miscreants and their adventures.
“As you know, Mattie, Edward Teach, or Blackbeard, was a commodore of pirates, commanding other captains beneath him. He was not a good man at all, but he was a very successful pirate, so successful that the governor of Virginia Colony offered a huge bounty on his head—one hundred pounds!”
Mattie’s eyes grew large as her father gave her an edited version of Blackbeard’s life, but even so she was frowning at the end.
“‘Here was an end of that courageous brute, who might have passed in the world for a hero had he been employed in a good cause; his destruction…was entirely owing to the conduct and bravery of Lieutenant Maynard and his men.’”
“Blackbeard did not treat his crew well, Papa. You are the better captain. I am glad Lieutenant Maynard stopped him.”

Pirate tales and book lovers have gone together since forever, getting a boost from A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates, written by Captain Charles Johnson in 1724, still enjoyed today.  

You can celebrate #BookLoversDay by curling up with your own pirate tale, be it A General History or Treasure Island or Captain Blood...or perhaps a more modern offering with romance and adventure? After all, as Mattie learned in The Pirate's Secret Baby, you're never too young or too old to enjoy a good swashbuckling tale.

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