Hunker down, snowbirds!

During hurricane season all eyes are on Florida, and I receive a lot of comments and tweets from folks hoping we'll weather (heh) the latest climate disaster without too much drama.

Now it's my turn. When I see friends posting screen shots of temps in Chicago, Minneapolis, Millwaukee, Duluth, colder than what's recorded on the surface of Mars (Seriously. Heard that today on #NPR) it's my turn to say, "Y'all take care of yourselves up there! It's an excellent day to hunker down with a bowl of hot soup, a nice fire and a fully charged Kindle."

Of course, I recommend reading a hot romance set on a tropical island (*koff* Castaway Dreams *koff, koff*) to remind you that soon it will be warm again. In the meantime, take care of yourselves!


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